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“The Golden Age of the Spanish Dance” by Michael Miguel Bernal

Flamenco’s origins are shrouded in darkness and mystery and this intrigue has made this type of art so popular today. This mystic has also lead to the improvisation of the dance. The guitarist, singers and dancers are working off the given emotions, making this a kaleidoscope of dance. Flamenco is a fusion of four elements, dance, song, guitar and percussion (castanets, cajon, palmas).

The history of dance and some of the most famous dancers in the last century are covered in a new book entitled “The golden age of Spanish dance” to be published in four segments. Part one will cover the history of the early Spanish dance and the careers of Antonia Merce “La Argentina” and Vicente Escudero to be released December 2019.

Part two will detail the careers of La Argentinita, Pilar Lopez and Rosario & Antonio.  Part three will follow the dance careers of Jose Greco and Nana Lorca and the last part three will be more California based with Carmelita Maracci, Lola Montes and Jose Fernandez.