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“The Golden Age of the Spanish Dance” by Michael Miguel Bernal


Pilar Lopez

Flamenco’s origins are shrouded in darkness and mystery and this intrigue made this type of art popular.  The glorious artist of the past will be the major focus of a new book to touch on the mystic these artist left behind.  Spanish dancers in recent years have tried to produce a new transformation to this dance form, forgetting the originators.  This change has lead to the major deformation of the Spanish dance.  Today’s guitarist, singers and dancers have an abundance of technique, superior attributes, and yet this kaleidoscope of dance has in most instances lost the most important gift, its history. 

Not all has been lost some glorious work has been produced recently, based on the history of Spanish dance.  These written stories will shed one more spot-light on these artist, the past has always been a fusion of many cultural elements: people, religion, life, poetry, dance, song, guitar, percussion (castanets, palmas).  This blend created a  history of dance and some of the most famous dancers in the last century are covered in a new book entitled “The Golden age of Spanish dance” to be published in four segments:

Part one: Will cover the beginning of the Iberian dance … the early Spanish dance and the careers of Antonia Merce “La Argentina” and Vicente Escudero to be released December 2019.

Nana Lorca and Jose Greco

Part two: Will detail the effects the previous artist had on a newer generation, the careers of La Argentinita, Pilar Lopez and Rosario & Antonio. 

Part three: Will follow the dance careers of Jose Greco and Nana Lorca.

Carmelita Maracci

Part Four: Will be California-based and focus on  the careers of Carmelita Maracci, Lola Montes and Jose Fernandez.

Rosario and Antonio